About me

Attila Farkaš

Daydreamer, idealist, romantic, allegedly autistic, traveler, photographer - enthusiast.

Born in Šamorín, in the winter of 1974 in the Czechoslovak Socialist Republic. Mother a seamstress, father a painter, from childhood I was guided by my parents towards fine arts and aesthetics in general.

In the years 1982 - 1988, I graduated from the Folk Art School in Šamorín, fine art department.

My favorite was graphite, ink and watercolor.

I started to get acquainted with photography marginally and slowly already in childhood, with my first medium format camera Eтюд, later with an East German 35mm machine, the name of which, unfortunately, I no longer remember.

Since 2007, when I switched to digital technology, I began to focus on photography very intensively, until it completely absorbed me and I devote almost all my free time to it.


At first I was probably most attracted to genres such as Portrait, Landscape, Architecture, to a lesser extent Still life, Detail, Abstract, Ambience, Street and Reportage photography. Later, I gradually started focusing on Nude, Figurative and Conceptual photography.

I create spontaneously and out of enthusiasm, I create for pleasure (especially my own and maybe others)... And I create to fulfill that deep and age-old human need to communicate, express, share, leave something behind.

For me, creation is a pleasure but also a need at the same time, passion, relaxation, meditation, self-realization, means of expression, materialization and expression of thoughts, visions, mental and emotional images, processes and moods.

It is as natural to me as for someone else the spoken or written word, singing, playing a musical instrument, or dancing.


Initially, I only published my works online on community portals and personal sites.

Later, as I established contacts with the artistic community in France, I began to participate in joint exhibitions. Later came independent exhibitions, mainly in France and Portugal, (so far) one also in Slovakia, lending works to galleries, publishing in magazines and editions published on occasion by civic and regional institutions in France.

For the first sales of photographs, I was approached by people who liked them so much that they wanted to have them at home, or wanted to give them to someone as a gift. Later, I was approached by people who saw my paintings at their owners, or I was recommended to them by friends or acquaintances.

In this place, I offer my works online, as the copyright law allows me to do so even as an individual.